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Capriccio Cafe

imagesShoreline Village welcomes Capriccio Cafe!! Come enjoy world class coffee, sandwiches, salads, and desserts!!


This remarkable cafe is owned and operated by Marco Sironi. Sironi knows coffee. From his first coffee shop in Milan, Italy, to his newest Capriccio Cafe in Destin, Sironi has always tried to offer the best local and international brews he can find. Sironi first visited the Gulf Coast in 1984. He decided then that he wanted to live here one day. That dream came true last year when he moved to Fort Walton Beach from Philadelphia.

Sironi serves an Italian brand of espresso called Segafredo Zanetti. For coffee, he gets his beans from Lucky Goat Coffee, which is headquartered in Tallahassee. He has also created a delightful menu at the Capriccio Cafe. You will find incredibly tasty fare such as the caprese salad and tiramisu. One of the many delectable sandwiches features capriccio-cafe-1sliced bresaoloa, a cured Italian beef which is low in fat. From prosciutto to crepes and muffins, Capriccio Cafe is sure to have you coming back for more!

Visit us at:  Capriccio Cafe Destin- Authentic Italian Cuisine and Coffee

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